Adhesive Tapes

How do I know how much tape I need?

The amount of tape required is related to the length of splintage. The length of splintage is dictated by the age of your baby; see the table here for a rough guide.


Do I need additional tape supplies?

There is usually enough tape in each Basic Kit for a newborn (under one month old). If you have ordered ONLY the Basic Kit, and NOT the Premium Pack, and your baby is older than one month, you WILL need to order additional adhesive tapes in addition to the EarBuddies™ Basic Kit. This is because the splintage period is longer in an older baby.


Do I need to order additional tape if I have ordered the Premium Pack?

The Premium Pack usually contains enough tape to last 2 - 3 months of splinting both ears (using a combination of Wide and SuperWide tapes), depending on how often you change the tapes. If your baby is older than 3 months of age, you may need to order additional tape.


How much additional tape do I need? 

Most parents use roughly 2 to 4 additional SuperWide tape pouches per month of splinting. The SuperWide tapes are the cheapest way to buy the tape; they are used whole (uncut) to hold the splinted ear to the head, and can also be cut into strips to make the Narrow tapes which fix the EarBuddies splint to the ear.


What are the EarBuddies Adhesive Tapes made of?

EarBuddies use Suture Strip® Plus Flexible Wound Closure Strips, supplied by Derma Sciences™. Our Adhesive Tapes are made of macroporous non-woven polyamide with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The proprietary materials allow Suture Strip® Plus to have a perfect balance between elasticity and adherence, closely mimicking the elastic modulus of human skin. The inherent elasticity of the product allows the strips to elongate and yield to the movement of skin, preventing the concentration of forces at the proximal ends and reducing the chances of traction blisters or skin shear. The strips are water resistant and have a skin-friendly adhesive. Not made with natural rubber latex.


Can I use different tape?

The medical grade, latex-free adhesive tapes we supply are tough enough to hold the ear in place, but gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic. Do not use inferior tape - without the correct hypoallergenic, tensile and adhesive properties, skin shear, inflammation and soreness is likely, and the correction will be much slower and less successful.


Can I use tape without the EarBuddies splints?

No. Please do not use tape without the EarBuddies splint properly in place. This is NOT effective in correcting an ear permanently, and can cause ear deformity, including rim kink and folded-over helical rim.