Worried Baby's ears stick out and want to fix them? Ear Buddies Splints reshape the soft cartilage of baby ears, resulting in a permanent, surgery-free correction. Correct Sticky Out Ears with Ear Buddies.

Ear of the Month - November 2019 🇬🇧

"When Polly was born obviously I thought she was the most perfect baby, but I knew from day one that she had, unfortunately, inherited my ears. I think I could even tell in her 4D scan. I had my ears pinned back at 22 and then needed revision surgery which was painful. I hated wearing my hair up and still don’t because I think it’s just instilled in me. I didn’t want this for Polly and I googled to see if there was anything I could do to help.

I came across EarBuddies and ordered a kit. I decided to book a consultation and fitting with Mr GaultMr Gault was lovely and could see how nervous I was. I explained everything to him and he listened and then carefully fitted Polly's EarBuddies. She was asleep the whole time! She was 2 weeks old. We are happy with the changes it has made to Polly, despite the hair cut! If you are hesitant, please go for it, we are glad we did."

Emma & her Daughter Polly - London, United Kingdom

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Ear of the Month - October 2019 🇺🇸

"One day when my daughter was a few weeks old a family member dropped in for a visit to see our baby. She said to me, “did you know your baby has an extra fold in her ear?” New mom hormones kicked in & I immediately told my doctor about it. They said it would go away & not to worry about it. That answer didn’t sit well with me. I scoured the internet & found EarBuddies!! I looked at the site for hours & read all the information I could. They really were super inexpensive considering how much other options were & considering surgery later in life. It shipped to me in reasonable time. I followed the instructions & applied them by the time she was about 1 month old.

I splinted her for about 5 weeks total. After that 5 weeks, she has a normal ear with no complications! My family members were surprised by our result & I was a proud mom who felt she did the right thing for her baby girl. Fast forward time, it has been a year & you can’t tell my baby ever had anything remotely wrong with her ear. I am so grateful to EarBuddies for giving people a product that truly works in an affordable, easy to follow way that will impact children for the rest of their lives."

Brittany, Jeremiah & their Daughter - New York State, USA

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Ear of the Month - September 2019 🇬🇧

"When Hannah was born in January 2019, we noticed straight away that one of her ears didn’t have much internal structure, was slightly lower than the other and stuck out quite a bit. We soon found EarBuddies online and were very impressed with the success stories so decided to give it a go. We started splinting just before she turned 4 months, 3 months down and the results are amazing, she has internal ear structure, the ears appear more aligned at the back and it no longer sticks out.

Thank you EarBuddies!! This product has been a life changer for Hannah, its taken away something that could have potentially lead to self-esteem issues. Both my husband and I are no longer worried about her having to grow up with one ear being very different from the other. Any parents out there who are wondering if it is worth doing……it is!"

Helen & her Daughter Hannah - Hartlepool, UK

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