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Worried Baby's ears stick out and want to fix them? Ear Buddies Splints reshape the soft cartilage of baby ears, resulting in a permanent, surgery-free correction. Correct Sticky Out Ears with Ear Buddies.

Ear of the Month - February 2024 🇬🇧

“I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you! My son was born with Cryptotia and despite this being pointed out numerous times by health professionals when he was born, none of them had any advice or guidance around it! I ended up doing my own research, and I came across EarBuddies! I’m so glad I chose to purchase EarBuddies as it’s really helped reshape my son’s ear! Please see the images attached and thank you again!”

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Ear of the Month - January 2024 🇬🇧

“I wanted to write in and express my huge gratitude for EarBuddies. My daughter Isadora was born with a conchal crus in her right ear. After emerging out of the first 3 weeks of the newborn haze, I spoke to a friend who’s a paediatrician who suggested EarBuddies as a non-surgical solution to remould her ear within 4 weeks. I felt that it was worth a shot given it seems so much more straightforward the earlier you start.

I’m delighted with the result, and just feel so lucky we spotted it early and I was directed to EarBuddies. Keen to share our story as I think it’s been so transformative, and I just hope that all those in need can be made aware. Huge thanks to the EarBuddies team, we are so grateful!”

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Ear of the Month - December 2023 🇲🇽

“Hello. I attach the pictures of my baby’s ear. He was born with just one folded ear. We are from Mexico. I ordered EarBuddies and applied in the ear at the age of 1.5 months, when they arrived. The last picture is after 1 month of using them. It still has a mild fold but is imperceptible. Thank you for the opportunity to correct it.”

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Ear of the Month - November 2023 🇬🇧

“I used EarBuddies with my 2 youngest children. Best decision ever. Their ears are perfect now. One is 2.5 years old and the other is almost 6 ❤️. When we used EarBuddies with our daughter, the results were amazing! We were talking to friends one day about the shape of our daughter’s ear. They recommended EarBuddies. We hadn't even heard of this before. So we did some research and decided to give it a go. 

What if it didn't work? She would be no worse off, as it's a painless process. Yes, you have to pay for the right package, but for us and our daughter, it absolutely paid off. We are so pleased. We tell everyone that talks about their baby's ears. I'm still amazed all these years later when I look at her ears! 100% worth every single penny! This is her now, at almost 6 years old. Thank you!”

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