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Worried Baby's ears stick out and want to fix them? Ear Buddies Splints reshape the soft cartilage of baby ears, resulting in a permanent, surgery-free correction. Correct Sticky Out Ears with Ear Buddies.

Ear of the Month - November 2023 🇬🇧

“I used EarBuddies with my 2 youngest children. Best decision ever. Their ears are perfect now. One is 2.5 years old and the other is almost 6 ❤️. When we used EarBuddies with our daughter, the results were amazing! We were talking to friends one day about the shape of our daughter’s ear. They recommended EarBuddies. We hadn't even heard of this before. So we did some research and decided to give it a go. 

What if it didn't work? She would be no worse off, as it's a painless process. Yes, you have to pay for the right package, but for us and our daughter, it absolutely paid off. We are so pleased. We tell everyone that talks about their baby's ears. I'm still amazed all these years later when I look at her ears! 100% worth every single penny! This is her now, at almost 6 years old. Thank you!”

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Ear of the Month - October 2023 🇺🇸

“I just wanted to share a pic of our EarBuddies results!! My son was 4 months old when we started. I was afraid it would be too late, but after only 20 days wearing the EarBuddies, his conchal crus was GONE. Two months later and it still looks as perfect as the day we took them out. THANK YOU!!”

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Ear of the Month - September 2023 🇬🇧

“We would like to share with you progress of the ear correction of our now 6 months old boy and how happy we are with the results of wearing EarBuddies. We purchased the product when Oscar was 2 months old and he was wearing it for 3 months. We regularly changed the tapes weekly and we followed the instructions. Please see attached pictures:”

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Ear of the Month - August 2023 🇺🇸

“Our baby Ava was born with a very noticeable Stick-Out Ear on one side. I later came across EarBuddies online and got started when Ava was 3.5 months old. Once it was in place, I found myself frequently checking the EarBuddies Instagram to find stories of success. Seeing other people’s improvement kept me hopeful during the 12 weeks of her wearing it. Ava has had the EarBuddies off for 3 weeks now (photo included) and we are so grateful for the results! I just really hope we can inspire more families who are going through something similar. Thank you EarBuddies!”

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