Headwear for Babies

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Headwear that you’re happy with is more important than you might think. Since the introduction of EarBuddies headwear, we have found that parents persevere with splintage for longer, with some fantastic results.

  • Hats (34-50cm)

    • The latest addition to our baby headwear range
    • Light super-stretchy cotton
    • Suits mild to cold climates
    • Size: 34-50cm
    Hats for Babies
  • Hats (34-42cm)

    • Ideal for newborns
    • Light stretchy cotton
    • Suits mild to cold climates
    • Size: 34-42cm
    Hats for Babies
  • Beanies (36-46cm)

    • Thicker cotton
    • Great for colder weather
    • Can be made to stretch further by unfolding the rim
    • Size: 36-46cm
    Beanie Hats for Babies
  • Bandanas (34-50cm)

    • Our lightest headwear style
    • Lightweight Cotton
    • Great for warmer weather
    • Can be adjusted using the ties at the back
    • Size: 34-50cm
    Bandanas for Babys | Headwear for Infants
  • Why Extra Headwear?

    The splintage period can be a sensitive time, and whilst we hope that it will soon become as accepted as braces on teeth, a range of cover-ups can help you to stay the course.­­

    EarBuddies Basic Kits and Premium Packs contain one item of headwear as standard, but if your baby is older than 1 month, and so the splintage period is longer, it might be helpful to have a wider choice of headwear on hand. Extra headwear might also be useful if you live in a variable climate, where a single item of headwear may not suit all weather, or all outfits!

    Does my baby need to wear the headwear all the time?

    EarBuddies headwear was designed as a cover-up to help you avoid the questions that splinting can attract. It can also support the correction and keep baby's inquisitive fingers away from the ears, but if you don't want your baby to wear a hat, then that's fine.

    Can I use the headwear without the EarBuddies splints?

    No. EarBuddies headwear is intended as a cover-up only, and whilst a good fit can support the correction, using the headwear alone is not effective in correcting an ear deformity; you must use the EarBuddies splints.

  • What is my baby’s head size?

    Use a tape measure, or some string and a ruler, to measure around your baby’s head – it is best to measure along the hairline as this is where the headwear sits. Alternatively, use the chart below to estimate your baby’s head size based on age and gender.

    How to measure your baby's head size | Use our simple chart!