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There have been many thousands of amazing results achieved with EarBuddies®, and you can find a small selection below. Click on the images to expand them and see more detail. Where available, you can find each result's accompanying story by following the → Go to Story links.

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Stick-Out Ears

Also known as Dumbo, FA Cup, bat, wing-nut, prominent & protruding ears.

Stick out ears fixes with a medical device called ear buddy
ear pointed at the top | baby ear folds forward | before and after results
correction of sticking out ears
correction of sticking out ears with ear budies
baby ear rim folds forward. Should I worry? | See these results!
Baby's Ears Stick Out, Bend Forward, or Fold Over? | Ear Buddies Work
babies ears starting to stick out? See before and after pictures of EarBuddies™ working!


Stahl's Bar

Also known as a Stahl's Ear, third crus or Spock Ear.

Picture of a Stahl's Bar corrected with EarBuddies™
Baby's Ears are Pointed & Folded | Use Ear Buddies | Find Results & Evidence here
Do ear buddies work? Yes, see here to find out!
Spock Ear is another term for Stahl's Bar, which EarBuddies™ corrects in Babies
EarBuddies™ can save you the cost of an otoplasty or pinnaplasty ( ear surgery )
Correction of Stahl's ears | See before and afters
My baby has a pointy ear | Stahl's Bar Result
Deformities of the outer ear like Stahl's Bars can be corrected in Newborn Babies with EarBuddies


Cup Ear



Lop Ear

Picture of a lop ear, a folded over baby ear
Picture of Baby's Ear that is collapsed over before, and fixed after with ear buddies ear reshapers
Picture of Baby's Ear that is collapsed over before, and fixed after with ear buddies ear reshapers
Lop ear folded over fix without surgery


Rim Kink

Baby newborn with bend in ear. Easy, cheap, effective solution.
Baby's ear has a bend or kink ? See what can be done
Splint ears to correct Rim Kink Deformity in Baby and Infant Ear
Fixing bend in rim of ear without plastic surgery is possible, as shown in the picture


Folded-Over Helical Rim

Folded-Over Helical Rim in Baby corrected with EarBuddies
Picture of a Baby's Ear with a Folded Over Rim fixed with an ear corrector device
Will my baby’s ears always stick out and fold over? Use EarBuddies and avoid this, as shown in the picture
Fold Over Baby Ear fixed with Ear Buddies | Evidence that they work & Reviews
Fold Over Rim | Ear Cartilage Moulded and Hardened in the correct shape
A Before & After Picture of Ear Buddy Splint correcting fold over rim of baby ear
Photo with Results showing that EarBuddies™ work on Folded Baby Ears
Helical Rim Deformity in babies | correct with ear buddie


Stick-Out Lobe


Conchal Crus


Rare & Combination Deformities

Stick-Out Ear + Stick-Out Lobe → Go to Story

Stick-Out Ear + Stick-Out Lobe → Go to Story