What are the Benefits of using EarBuddies® to Fix Baby Stick Out Ears?

Why use EarBuddies®?

EarBuddies have been changing children’s lives, before they’re old enough to realise, for more than 25 years.



Top 5 Baby Ear Myths | Ear Buddies correct deformities of the outer ear

Ear Buddies compared to Surgery | Correct baby ear folds | correction of sticking out ears without otoplasty or pinnaplasty

*Source: http://www.totalhealth.co.uk/clinical-experts/mr-david-gault/end-pinnaplasty

The Benefits of EarBuddies:
  • Pain-free
  • Cost-effective
  • Corrects the problem before child is aware of it
  • No need for time off school or work later in life
  • Permanent, life-long correction
  • Choice of an expert fitting service or fit at home
  • Avoids the psychological impact of stick-out ears
  • Avoids pre-surgery teasing
  • Avoids expensive plastic surgery
  • Avoids risks and complications of surgery & anaesthesia
The Surgical Alternative

The alternative to splintage is surgery, which is best undertaken from the age of six years, when the cartilage is hard enough to prevent the stitches from "cheese-wiring" through it, and before the child is teased. Whilst prominent ears are relatively easy to fix for an experienced surgeon, the other conditions described here are considerably more difficult to correct. Surgery is not always successful, however, and complications can arise. Bleeding and infection are the most common, but post-operative deformity can ensue. Complication rates vary between surgeons and according to the technique used, but figures of up to 5% are by no means unusual. Complete loss of the ear and, very rarely, death are also documented.

Failed Otoplasty

Failed otoplasty

Keloid Scarring after failed otoplasty

Keloid scar

post-op 'm' deformity | ear buddys help avoid the complications of otoplasty later in life

Post-op 'M' deformity

Post operative keloid scar | The risks of surgery can be avoided with cartilage moulding devices

Keloid scar

Images supplied with kind permission of David Gault FRCS. If you would like information on Ear Reconstruction following failed surgery, please follow this link.


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