What Should I Order? | Guide to Ordering EarBuddies Online

What Should I Order?

Every case is different, but in almost all cases, the Basic Kit contains enough Adhesive Tape to correct both ears in a newborn (less than 4 weeks old). If your baby will be older than 4 weeks when the EarBuddies are fitted, you will need to order the Premium Pack or purchase additional Adhesive Tapes.

The EarBuddies Premium Pack contains the following extra Adhesive Tapes: 4 pouches of SuperWide Adhesive Tapes, 3 pouches of Wide Adhesive Tapes, 2 pouches of Narrow Adhesive Tapes. It also contains Appeel Adhesive Remover Wipes, Cavilon Barrier Film Spray and the EarBuddies Shaver, to ease the process at every step. You can find more information in the tabs below.